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Best VPN Services of 2018 [Working] {Latest}

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  It allows the users to connect to their home or office network securely.  It…

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  It allows the users to connect to their home or office network securely.  It allows the connection to be protected from attackers, spies etc.  That said it is to be noted that there are hundreds of VPN providers in 2018 and it is hard to choose the best one.  In  Best VPN Service we are going to show you some of the best VPN providers of 2018.

To know more about types of VPNs and the alternatives Types of VPN

You can read their attributes and the know what differentiates them from each other here.  Using this post we hope you are able to choose the best VPN for yourself.

Please read on to know what is the best VPN for yourself.

1. Cyber Ghost:

best VPN services
best VPN services

Cyber Ghost is available on many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.  Using Cyber Ghost you can hide your IP address making it impossible for anyone to track you.  With Cyber Ghost you are guaranteed to get access to content from all over the world.  It secures your connection and makes it ideal to perform safe online transactions.

Check out cyber ghost at

Advanced Features:

  • Total Servers: 2700
  • Total Devices: 7
  • It has automatic Kill Switch – to kill the connection when it is breached.
  • DNS and IP Leak protection.
  • 256bit – AES protection.
  • Open VPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec protocols are supported.

To know how to set up a VPN please check out How to Set Up a VPN

2. Keep Solid VPN Unlimited:

best VPN services
best VPN services

As the name says, Keep Solid VPN Unlimited give you unlimited browsing without internet censorship and geo-restriction.  If you are mainly browsing the internet and you would like to keep your information from the ISP then Keep Solid VPN unlimited is the best VPN for you.

Check out Keep Solid VPN Unlimited at

Additional Features (Available on all plans):

  • Total Servers: 400+
  • Total Devices: 5
  • 24/7 email and instant live chat support.
  • Torrent P2P Servers.
  • Open VPN, Keep Solid Wise, PPTP protocol.
  • 256 bit AES encryption.

3. HotSpot Shield:

best VPN services
best VPN services

Hotspot Shield connects its user to secure and open internet.  It let the user access social media, sports, audio and video services without any restriction.  Hotspot Shield is available on all the platforms and it is available for up to 5 devices for one sign up.  Anyone on the network can monitor and spy on the internet activities you do on a private network.  Using Hotspot Shield you prevent the users from monitoring your activities even on their personal network.

Unlike all the other mentioned VPNs Hot Spot Shield alerts you when you visit a site that is a potential malware.  It is very secure.

Check out HotSpot Shield at

Additional Features:

  • Total Servers: 2500
  • Total Devices: 5
  • Fastest VPN for Streaming, Browsing, and Gaming.
  • Hide your IP from ISP, Government, and hackers.

4. Windscribe:

best VPN services
best VPN services

Windscribe is an innovative 2 in 1 privacy solution.  It allows you to browse the internet and access media content what is usually blocked by the ISPs and geo-restricted.  With Windscribe you will get a VPN that will hide your IP address from websites that you access.  It will keep the ISPs,  and other potential advertisers away.

With Windscribe you can access any of the content with an open internet experience.  Download any files you want.  And view any content you want without having the fear of being tracked.

Check out Windscribe at

Additional Features:

  • Total Servers over 55 countries and 100 cities.
  • Will work for all your devices.
  • Windflix will unblock Netflix USA in any region of the world.
  • Free plans are available.
  • IKEv2, Open VPN, SOCKS security are available.
  • 265bit AES encryption.

5. Tunnel Bear:

best VPN services
best VPN services

With Tunnel Bear the users will be able to enjoy the internet privately.  It will give unrestricted access to the open internet.  Watch restricted content from anywhere in the world.  There is no Geo restriction or ISP restriction with Tunnel Bear.  You can get started for free.

Dedicated support staff is always available.  It has a built-in vigilant mode that protects the user if the connection gets disrupted.

Check out Tunnel Bear at

Additional Features:

  • Total Servers: available over 20+ countries.
  • Total number of devices: 5
  • Get 500MB free data every month.
  • Tweet if you want an extra of 1GB.
  • It provides AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Always on mode connects upon restart automatically.

6. Nord VPN:

best VPN services
best VPN services

With Nord VPN, encrypt your internet activity from advertisers and hackers.  With Nord VPN you will be able to enjoy global connectivity and use the Open internet at high speed and no data restriction.  Nord VPN has about 4800 servers worldwide and that allows you to choose a server and browse without any restriction.

Check out Nord VPN at

Additional Features:

  • Total Number servers: 4800
  • Total Devices: 6
  • You can pay in CryptoCurrency.
  • It allows P2P
  • It protects the IP address and makes sure no one can see it.

7. Vypr VPN:

best VPN services
best VPN services

Vyper VPN uses its own servers without using any 3rd party servers.  That makes your connection very secure.  It has a proprietary Chameleon VPN technology that beats any VPN blocking and allows you to access any content around the world.

It is available on various platforms and therefore the users can protect the devices from spying hackers etc.  It can be downloaded in iOS, Android etc

Check out Vypr VPN at

Additional Features:

  • Total Servers: 700+
  • Total Devices: 3-5
  • Speed up Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and more.
  • This VPN is located in Switzerland and can use the advanced privacy policy.
  • Software client is very well developed.

8. IP Vanish:

best VPN services
best VPN services

This VPN is also available on a whole bunch of platforms. It is available on Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux etc. This VPN service has more than 1000 servers around the world that allow the users to access the content that is potentially blocked.  Contents are blocked in universities, schools, offices etc.  Use IP Vanish and access these contents easily.

Check out IP Vanish at

Additional Features:

  • Total servers: 100+
  • Total devices: 10
  • 256 bit AES encryption.
  • It has user-friendly apps for all the platforms.
  • SOCKS5 web proxy.
  • IKEv2, Open VPN, L2TP/ IP Sec VPN protocols.

9. Express VPN:

best VPN services
best VPN services

This VPN provides high-speed VPN in across 94 countries.  Express VPN is very secure with 256 bit AES encryption and DNS and IP leak protection.  This VPN provides the users with a kill switch and split tunneling.  The servers are based on an offshore island without any data retention laws and so the users can use this VPN access content without any Geo restriction.  This VPN service is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux as well.

check out Express VPN at

Additional features:

  • Total Servers: 2000+
  • Total Devices: 3
  • AES 256 bit Encryption.
  • 5-star customer support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with ultra fast streaming.

Do you know what is VPN vs Proxy


In this post, we saw some of the best VPN services that are available to the users right now.  Using VPN is very essential as most major websites are constantly watching your internet activities to sell your data to potential advertisers.  Also, hackers are also using open Wi-Fi to spy on your internet activities and try to access your transaction details.  Please use a VPN to make sure that you do not risk leaking your sensitive information to others.  For more information on VPN please stay tuned to My Pc Updates.

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