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[Download] Injustice 2 Android Apk FREE. How to install injustice 2 android apk

Injustice 2 android is divided into sections.  The first section will let the readers know more about the game in…

Injustice 2 android is divided into sections.  The first section will let the readers know more about the game in android.  It is meant to let the readers know how the game progresses, the collectables, the characters that the players can play with.  It will also show the types of up grades that is there for the users to do.  If you want to know more about the injustice 2 please read on.  If you want to know how to download the game,  please skip to the download section using the link below.

Injustice 2 Android
Injustice 2 Android

Download Injustice 2 Android.

Injustice 2 Android brings your favorite DC action hero and villains in one epic fighting game.  Injustice 2 Android is the best fighting game in mobile.  It pitches DC heroes against heroes, heroes against villains and villains against villains.

Heroes in Injustice 2 Android:

  • Batman.
  • Flash.
  • Superman.
  • Wonder woman.
Injustice 2 Android
Injustice 2 Android

And many more are the heroes that you are able to choose from.  You can select any one of these heroes and Play the game.  You can make your own team of Justice and play against another team.  The player is let to make a team of three and play the game.

Capabilities :

The player can learn new combos and stunts and crush the enemy team.  The player can also upgrade the heroes as they play through Injustice 2 Android.  This will help unlock new abilities for the heroes.  The players can also collect gear for the heroes and the villains that they are playing with.  The game also has a PvP mode that lets you play against other players and gives great multiplayer experience. This game is your ticket to become an ultimate DC champion.

Injustice 2 Android
Injustice 2 Android


  • Superman’s Heat Vision.
  • Flash’s Lightning Kick.
  • Harley Quinn’s Cupcake Bomb.
  • Batman’s Bat of Gotham Super.

The player can engage in fight sequences involving epic set pieces by using the combo against the enemies.  It is absolutely amazing.

You should know before downloading Injustice 2 Android Apk:

Preregister and get Cat woman.  Cat woman has better rewards and will be given during only the first week.

Injustice 2 Android is a action packed combat based game.  It also has the features of Role Playing Game as you will play to earn rewards and collections and make your hero and villains more powerful.  Collect and customize a huge collection of DC heroes and villains and play with and against your friends for an epic Player vs Player action in 2018.

Injustice 2 Android
Injustice 2 Android

Injustice 2 : Gods Among Us is a advanced sequel for the successful Injustice the game.  This game allows the player to build and customize and increase the power to build the ultimate version that they desire.  There is a massive selection of super heroes and super villains form the DC Universe.  The best part of the game is the customization.  The customization feature is sprinkled through out the game.  The players are also let to customize the looks of the characters, fighting style across the development of the game.

Review on the fighting mechanics:

The injustice 2 is based on the unreal engine.  In the game dynamics, the lighting, HDR, frame rates, the new game is a massive jump from the previous game.  The new dynamic game control will let the players perform combos better than before.  The epic super moves is what defines this game.

Review on Injustice Battles:

The new game delivers on Larger than life battles, better than the previous game.  After every match the player is given gear to equip, customize their favorite DC super heroes and villains.  It will change the way the heroes and villains look and how they fight.

Injustice 2 Storyline:

This action RPG also does come with a story line.  Here the story line is rather cinematic.  The game picks up where Injustice 2: Gods among us left off.  The game is set in the future.   Here Batman ans his team come together to put the society in the right place while fighting superman and his regime.  There are many interesting side plots such as the one in which the earth is in danger.

Collection of Characters:

This is one of the biggest collection of characters ever offered in a fighting game.  It has some of the best fan favorite such as Batman,  Superman, Flash, Aqua man, Wonder woman,  Superwoman.  This list also includes villains such as,  Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd and Dead shot. 


To unlock the heroes, all you have to do is keep on playing the game.  You have to collect shards to unlock the players.  For instance, say you have 50 shards, and armored super man is 360 shards, you need to collect the rest by playing the game to be able to buy armored superman.

You can also go to the store, where you can spend the diamonds that you earned to collect shards and eventually buy the armored superman.

There are different types of chest, the more advanced the chest, the more it will cost in terms of gems.  The player can also buy characters and items for real money.

In the roster, the players can apply the XP and customize and upgrade the characters.

The players can go the campaign section, select the enemy team to fight, select the heroes and villains in the team and start the match.  The players can tap on the characters in the either side of the screens to change the heroes that they are playing as.  The controls are fairly obvious, the players swipe the screen to perform various attacks and defenses. Buttons are provided on the bottom right to perform special actions.

Victory will give you stars out of three based on the player’s performance.

The game also have the story mode.  The story mode is very good as it is the same story that is coming in the console.  The cut scenes are also very good. The cut scenes are from the consoles.

Doing operations also give you free items.  But be sure to know that while a character is performing an operation, it will not be available for fighting.

There are daily achievements that will unlock new game items.  The instructions for doing it is fairly user friendly.

You can also go to the store,

Download Injustice 2 Android:

  • Go to
  • In the top, there is a search bar, search for Injustice 2.
  • Select the game Injustice 2 form the search results and click on it.
  • Click on the Install button.

  • Accept terms and conditions and start install.

There you go, we have showed you how to install the Injustice 2 game.