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[Latest 2018]Outlook Download for windows PC | Outlook Download for Mac

This post is to help the reader to install the Outlook email client using the Outlook Download for Windows 10….

This post is to help the reader to install the Outlook email client using the Outlook Download for Windows 10. The article is divided into key parts.  The first being the feature, pros and cons of Microsoft Outlook 2016. How to download Microsoft Outlook 2016 for windows 10, How to download Microsoft Outlook 2016 for mac.

Office Download for Pc
Office Download for Pc

Features of Outlook Download:

Microsoft outlook is a personal information manager.  Right off the bat you can notice that the application UI is flattened.  It aligns with the flattened UI of windows 10.  The whole application is white only the iconic blue of outlook only occasionally.  There are not many icons and the entire application is text heavy.  At the bottom the user will find mail, calendar, task and people. These you will find as icons at the bottom left corner.

Outlook Download features
Outlook Download features

There is a touch mode in outlook 2016.  That goes with the design principle of windows 10. Windows 10 is meant to be a hybrid operating system that will work fine with touch and non touch screen device.  Similarly outlook 2016 is also suppose to work fine with touch and non touch devices.  The touch mode in outlook 2016 brings up the same menus as other applications.  Frequently used commands like,  reply, delete, flag and mark.  This is great and gives Microsoft outlook a great touch experience.

The pinch zoom feature in outlook 2016 will allow the user to switch between the month, week and year view of the calendar easily.  You can now hover over the calendar icon to get the schedule of the day etc.  Calendar can now show the weather information of you current location.

Microsoft Lync is now fully integrated into outlook, the user can now view their colleague’s status and henceforth start a video or audio conversation from within outlook application.

The people’s app is now very improved.  It can pull information from Facebook or Linked in if the user has integrated them with their account.  People’s application will create only one entry of a contact even if there were duplicate.  This is a smart new feature. It will also show the image of the contact as a thumb nail if the contact had any.

One big de merit of outlook 2016 is the lack of threaded message unlike the store version of mail client.  I prefer the mail client from the store because of this.  Outlook 2016 does not show the messages in threaded fashion but instead it will make the users hunt for the older emails.

Specific features of outlook 2016:

  • Attach link to cloud resources.
  • Group redesign.
  • Search cloud.
  • Clutter folder.
  • Email address information.

Microsoft outlook 2016 is the flag ship email client that it includes in its office 2016 package.

Outlook Download for Pc:

These instructions are for Outlook download for Pc, Outlook download for windows.  Outlook is made by Microsoft that made the windows operating system. Therefore installing outlook in windows and Outlook download for Microsoft windows 10 is fairly simple.

Download Outlook for PC
Download Outlook for PC
Download Outlook for PC
Download Outlook for PC
  • Downloading Outlook from Microsoft Store gives you peace of mind and instant access to download as soon as you buy.
  • It is the most safe, secure and trusted method of getting Outlook for Windows PC.
  • You need only an internet connection and a Microsoft account tog get started.
  • Once you have purchased the Office, You will get Outlook 2016 along with it
  • You are not going to require to remember keys or discs etc.
  • After the end of the purchase, click on the install button.
Install Outlook for PC
Install Outlook for PC
  • It will take you to the myaccount page of office website.

  • No matter which version of office you choose, you will see the install icon.
  • After clicking the install button, the process is quick and easy.
  • Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Outlook for PC
Outlook for PC
  • For later review you can always visit the myaccount page of office and review your purchase.

Outlook download for mac:

  • Download the office .dmg file from office official site.
  • Left click on the .dmg file to run the file.
  • It will run the installer.
  • Click continue

  • Click continue at the license page.

  • Now click install and it will ask you to enter the password of you Mac.
  • The installation will proceed.

Thus you have installed outlook for mac.


Hello there folks, hope you found the above information useful.  Here we learned how to do Outlook download for windows 10. Here we learned how to do Outlook download for Mac os.  We also learned, about myaccount of office products page.  If you have any queries about Outlook download for windows or mac please let us know in the comment section below.