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Registry Cleaner Windows 10 in 2018 {Working} [Latest]

In this, we are going to check out some of the best Registry Cleaner Windows 10.  So what exactly is…

In this, we are going to check out some of the best Registry Cleaner Windows 10.  So what exactly is this windows Registry?

What is Registry?

In the earlier days the software developers stored the necessary setting of a software in a file named ini but eventually, Microsoft introduced a solution to unify all the settings under one roof called the registry settings.  The Registry is a database that is stored in the hard drive that has important settings from windows and other programs that the users install.

Do we need a Registry Cleaner?

This registry is just a huge database that is stored on the hard drive for all the user’s applications and settings to work properly.  That said, the chances of the registry setting of an uninstalled program to slow down the PC or affect its performance is very low.  But in case the users accidentally installed a malware that corrupts the Registry or the user accidentally tweaked a setting that bought up results of undesired consequences, the user can download a reputable registry cleaner to set things right.

Below we have mentioned some of the best registry cleaners to clean your pc and set things right.  This can also improve performance if there are chances of it.  Please go through the following before opting to get a registry cleaner.

Best Registry Cleaner Windows 10:

1. Reg Cleaner Pro:


Registry Cleaner Windows 10
Registry Cleaner Windows 10

Registry cleaner pro locates the position of the errors and fixes them.  It also defragments the entire Registry.  The result of using this software is a faster performance in your Windows 10 PC.  For users who use many different kinds of software, Reg Cleaner Pro is the best solution.  Clean the Registry using the Reg Cleaner Pro in a periodic manner will keep windows and then the PC reliable.

By using Reg Cleaner Pro, the computer becomes more responsive.  A fragmented Registry makes Windows look for the same setting multiple times and therefore defragmenting the disk using Reg Cleaner Pro will make it easier for windows to perform better.

2. Registry Cleaner Kit:


Registry Cleaner Windows 10
Registry Cleaner Windows 10

If you are someone who frequently switches to the new computers, you would have noticed that every new computer slows down with time.  You will also notice that the applications start crashing more often and then the more the settings you change the more difficult it gets to get things working normally.   The happens due to errors and old records in the registry.  Over time, the number of errors in the registry will increase and the system will get increasingly unstable.

Registry Cleaner Kit is a software that scans the registry for errors and fixes it.  It will detect old, unwanted and removed program’s registry entry and will remove it.

3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner:


Registry Cleaner Windows 10
Registry Cleaner Windows 10

Auslogics Registry Cleaner detects the problems in the registry and fixes it.  This Registry cleaner is absolutely free.  That means that it is free for home and commercial use.  The further software updates are also free.  It also creates a restore point to make sure that rollback is also possible.

It could be poorly written and designed software that does not clear out it data from the registry but Auslogics Registry Cleaner will make sure that it does not happen.  It will clear the registry and make sure it is not a dumping ground for software to leave a mess behind.

4. Glarysoft Registry Repair:


Registry Cleaner Windows 10
Registry Cleaner Windows 10

Glarysoft registry repair can thoroughly scan windows operating system for registry errors, invalid entries, Regedit optimization.  It creates a backup copy of the registry when fixes the registry.  It also adds a safe registry key to a whitelist and so the users can restore the registry to the current settings, in case a setting is lost.

It has a quick scan feature that lets the scanning of the registry quickly.  The quick scan completest the scanning a little under few minutes.  The quick scan makes Glarysoft Registry Repair a good software for registry cleaning.

5. Jet Clean:


Registry Cleaner Windows 10
Registry Cleaner Windows 10

This Registry cleaner has a simple UI that lets the users clean up the unneeded registry entries by just one click.  This software occupies very little space in the computer and yet does everything a registry cleaner should do.  Apart from cleaning the registry, it can also locate and delete junk files from Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary Files, Log files, Clipboard, DNS cache, Error reporting and memory dumps etc.

This improves performance and thus the PC becomes more usable for both work and gaming.  It also speeds up the PC startup by rearranging the applications that require to be startup together and also shuts down the apps that slow down the PC startup.

6. Argente Utilities:

Registry Cleaner Windows 10
Registry Cleaner Windows 10


This Registry cleaner is good at removing errors in the registry.  It is known to thoroughly check the registry and so it will take longer than most other cleaners.  It has a User interface that allows the user to scan a part of the registry.  It will help remove even malware and secure the computer.  By using this registry cleaner we are able to clean up the registry and speed up the computer.


In this post, we saw what is the registry.  Do we need a registry cleaner? We also saw some of the best registry cleaners windows 10.  Using these software the users can clean up the registry and fix some issues without having to know how the registry works.  This helps the users to speed up the computer and work smoothly.  For more post on Registry and tech please stay tuned to My Pc Updates.

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