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SSL VPN Virtual Appliance is a secure Network for Enterprise [2018]

In this article, we are going to see about the virtual appliance.  Virtual Appliance is a pre-configured virtual machine image. …

In this article, we are going to see about the virtual appliance.  Virtual Appliance is a pre-configured virtual machine image.  SSL VPN Virtual appliance is intended to eliminate the installation, configuration and maintenance costs associated with running a complex stack of software.  Like an OS, a hypervisor is merely a platform for running an operating system environment and does not provide an application software itself.

What is the need for SSL VPN Virtual Appliance:

today’s enterprise needs to provide a secure connection to all users.  Irrespective of connecting from a home PC or office computer or mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, users expect secure connection without compromise.  From home, the users can simply use their device and connect to the network.  Email and data heave application is easy to access even if the connection is slow.

How does it work:

The VPN server is capable of understanding that the client is remote and therefore it can automatically enable the SSL VPN virtual appliance automatically.  The credentials of the user end application are checked and the user is authorized to connect to the network.


When the user returns to the office, the VPN server understands it and terminates the remote access of the network automatically without the user having to do anything.

The below is the list of some of the best SSL VPN virtual appliance

Open VPN:

SSL VPN virtual appliance
SSL VPN virtual appliance

Open VPN access server virtual appliance is a fully featured secure networking tunnel VPN appliance solution that integrates Open VPN’s all the features.  Open VPN Access Server supports a wide range of configurations, including secure and granular remote access to internal network and/or private cloud network resources.

Pulse Secure:

SSL VPN virtual appliance
SSL VPN virtual appliance

It offers cost-effective managed mobile and remote access services.  SA Virtual appliance includes pulse secure pulse.  It is a simple, intuitive, enabling user interface that delivers secure, authenticated access to remote users to corporate resources from any web-enabled device.  The SA Series SSL VPN Virtual Appliance run the software image that allows nearly seamless transition between hardware-based deployment and virtual deployment.

Other important features:

  • Support for VMware, KVM, and Hyer-V hypervisor.
  • Support for cloud deployment Azure and Aws.

Barracuda SSL VPN and Remote Access:

SSL VPN virtual appliance
SSL VPN virtual appliance

This SSL VPN remote access makes accessing internal files as easy as opening a web browser.  Users only have to log in from into the service from home or from on the go.  An advanced application like Remote Desktop service Citrix XenApp is available to users who are running Java.  Administrators have complete control over user access.  Additional security features include sending a one-time passcode to the users, prompting with security questions etc.

Array Networks:

SSL VPN virtual appliance

Array SSL VPN appliances allow the enterprise to consolidate remote access employees.  It supports SSL VPN appliances on a single platform to prevent attack vectors and improve operational efficiency.   Array Secure Access gateway allows the users to securely access cloud infrastructure from anywhere and from any device.   Array secure access gateways are capable of supporting an enterprise user base on a single appliance without impacting the end user experience.


In this post, we saw what is SSL VPN Virtual Appliance and it functions.  How it works and what are the benefits of having it in Office and home.  We also saw some of the best SSL VPN Virtual Appliance available in 2018.  If you want to know more about SSL or VPN etc stay tuned to My Pc Updates.


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