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Windows Vs Mac in 2018 {latest Windows and Mac OS}

Macs and Windows have been around for a very long time.  They are amounts the most popular computer operating system…

Macs and Windows have been around for a very long time.  They are amounts the most popular computer operating system in the world.  But still, when a person starts off to use one operating system he seldom likes the other one no matter which one is the operating system of preference.   In this article, we are going to do Windows vs Mac for 2018 and let’s see which one of the two popular operating systems is actually the better one.

Market Share and Number of users:

Windows has the highest operating system market share.  Windows has a mind-blowing market share of about 88%, Mac has a market share of 9% and Linux has a market share of 2%.

Microsoft has been pushing it users to use Windows 10.  It is to be noted that many users around the world are still using only windows 7.  Windows 10 should be catching up with Windows 7 by the year 2020.  If we look at the currently active users of both the operating systems, about 1 Billion people are using window.  And 400 million of them are using Windows 10.  While only 100 million users are using Mac OS.

Price of the Computer:

If Apple Mac is one of the most popular operating system and many people are actually fond of it, why so few people are using it.  One of the main reason is the cost.  If we look at the latest installment of Mac Books, we can see that an average Mac is around USD 1300 and an average PC is just around USD 600.  The top 15 inch Mac Book Pro 2017 is USD 2799.  A similarly specced PC will cost much less than a Mac Book Pro.

When we consider Personal Computing on Desktops, the iMac pro is available for USD 4999 and the cheapest iMac is available for USD 1300.  Desktops that run windows are also available for a much lower price.


When it comes to gaming Windows is the winner.  Windows Direct X 12 is the latest Graphics API that developers use and develop games for it.  This makes developing games easier and so there are many more games in Windows than in Mac.  Upon running general tests using the games that are available on both the platforms, we can conclude that Windows performs better on similar hardware than a Mac.

After thorough research, we can conclude that some of the best and budget gaming PCs are available for USD 550 only.  The highest end Gaming set up can go as high as USD 5500.  If you are a gamer, the windows operating system and a wide range of computers are hands down a better choice than a Mac.

When we check the market statistics from steam, 99% of gamers were using windows and the other 1% is shared by Mac and Linux etc.

EcoSystem Lock:

If the user is a budget focused person, the user is better off with a Cheaper Windows PC.  But if the user wants to carry something that is beautiful, sleek and does not have to bother about how much money goes into it, the user can prefer buying a Mac.  Once the user gets used to the Keyboard shortcuts and the User Interface, the user will tend to stick to the Operating System only.

Mac has a simpler UI, and some people find it easy to understand.  The text means what they say and overall, once the user gets used to the UI everything is easy to understand.  Windows also follow a good UI principle but since windows rapidly change from one version to other and Microsoft ensures backward compatibility, It is hard to keep the UI simple and intuitive.  Often an everyday user finds a setting or command where he would not expect it to be there.

Mac’s simpler UI is one of the reasons why it is very popular with the creative community.  And the other main reason is that Macs are made keeping the creative community in mind.  The Mac’s retina display is a most suitable screen for viewing at from a reading distance.  This produces the best visual experience in computers.  Also, Mac has the best speaker experience.  This great multimedia experience makes Mac Books popular among the creative community.

Security and Protection:

When it comes to security it is true that Macs are more secure than windows.  But Mac users should keep in mind that the increasing popularity of Mac has made Mac a target for hackers and attackers.  It is very advisable for keeping the built-in protection system running anyways.  But it stands that, Mac is more secure than windows owing to a smaller market share and more stable and consistent user experience.

Success with OEM:

When we look at the success of OEM, Windows PC manufacturers have seen much higher success rate and Mac.  This applies to popular OEMs like Dell, HP, and Lenovo.  The main reason behind the gap is that Windows PCs are cheaper and also that other OEMs have managed to make beautiful devices that look almost as good as an Apple Mac.


Windows PC has a large number of applications.  The Windows store alone has 760,000 applications and outside the store, there is about 4 million software that the users can install in the computer.  The Mac app store has only 30,000 applications for the users to choose from.

Windows has a wide variety of computers that can be specifically customized per the user needs.  They are available in a variety of price range.  Unlike PC, Macs are more restrictive in what they offer in terms of variety and prices but they will appeal for the users who are looking for the only content creation and other stuff without bothering about what is under the hood.


PC have machines for all the needs.  They are available for even budget price.  If the users are looking for style and functionality, Macs might suit them better.  It should be noted that Mac OS is Unix based and therefore many programmers Mac.   But things are changing as Microsoft has introduced Unix based terminal with Windows 10 but for many years, the developers have become customed to use Mac for development purposes.

Mac Vs Windows
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