A Very Powerful Computer Located Far Away From You is What Is Cloud

An introduction to cloud computing Cloud is a type of computing where individuals and businesses rely on a third party…

An introduction to cloud computing

Cloud is a type of computing where individuals and businesses rely on a third party to manage their data and computing power.  Cloud is a utility that companies of all sizes takes advantage of is what is cloud.  Public cloud provider supply secure, reliable and scalable computing from a shared data center that you simply plug into.  Traditional home premises computers and servers are expensive and time-consuming.  The user will have to pay for the hardware, the software, the electricity and the floor space is the benefit of what is cloud.  Also to be considered is the protection and the maintenance of it all.


what is cloud
what is cloud

Cloud computing, on the other hand, empowers the companies to run faster and cheaper than ever before.  This helps the company to innovate and test new features with minimum risk and minimum outlay.  What is cloud is just service, storage, and networking but customers can spend more time innovating and not maintaining and servicing.


With Microsoft Azure customers can be assured that their valuable assets are protected by a global work serving over 140 countries and working tirelessly for consistency and continued availability.  With strict regulation, the users can be assured that the information is transmitted and stored securely.

With Cloud, the solutions will be built in hours and not in months or even days.  Cloud is going to cause the next industrial revolution.  A time when computing, automation, Iot and data is not just breaking innovation and boundaries it is pushing us further than we ever thought possible.

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Low upfront cost
  • Ease of use

Changes brought to a cloud-based site will be seen in seconds.

What is Cloud:

Just like a normal cloud that is made up of a dense composition of water molecules, a computing cloud is made up of a dense cluster of computers working together in such a way that for a normal user they appear to be one giant computing resource.  So the service or a software that appears to be running on your phone, PC, Mac, or any other computing device or even a Chromebook is a service that is actually running in an array of computers over the internet.

For example, let us see how what is cloud storage works.  The user can start with just 2 GB of storage that the users can access from anywhere.  When the user needs more resources, the cheapest dropbox storage gives 100GB of storage.  It is not possible to buy a 100 GB hard disk these days let alone, buy a 2GB hard disk.  It is being possible by sharing the resource.  The user basically shares HDD Space, Bandwidth and Electricity for the PC the data is stored in.

It is always possible for the user to spend the same amount of money and set up a server and ftp at home and use the IP address and port to get almost 2TB of a reliable solution that is accessible across the globe for the same amount of money that he spends for just 100GB and this is also what is cloud.  But is it always possible?  Most people do not know how to set up a server and ftp at home and for even the people who know how to do it, find the hassle-free quick online storage more feasible than setting up a server for just sharing photos and files.  With Cloud storage, the users are not limited to the slow limits and the data or bandwidth caps that can be applicable at home.

The data protection offered by the cloud providers are much more reliable than raid 1 as there is multiple off-site redundancy storages spread across the globe.  That is something a user cannot do on his own.

Another upcoming technology is cloud gaming.  Instead of buying a gaming pc with a powerful graphics card a casual gamer can get most of the computing power with a basic plan and then increase temporarily when a demanding new game comes out.  In the case, the user does not have to worry about driver compatibility and other technical details as it is taken care by the cloud provider.  Even the installation of the game is already done by the cloud.  This is a fine example of the software is installed in the cloud and not on the user’s computer.

Latency is going to be an issue for a long time in cloud gaming but imagine a situation in which the user can just rent required computing and graphics processing power for video editing.  It is a very good solution when the user does video editing on a project by project basis.

AWS cloud computing:

According to AWS cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing power, database storage, application and other IT solutions through the internet and pay as you go. AWS is a typical example of what is Cloud.

what is cloud
what is cloud

AWS also says that it provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources.  With AWS  cloud computing, the users do not need to make large upfront investments in the hardware, electricity, and maintenance.  The users can use as many resources as needed almost instantly and pay for only what is needed.

Advantages of AWS cloud:

  • You can reduce capital expense for variable expense
  • AWS will achieve higher economies of scale which implies lower pay as you go price.
  • You do not need to guess the infrastructure needs as you can always scale it.
  • AWS makes sure that it uses the newest hardware available in the cloud.  This ensures that user can easily upgrade to the newest technologies.
  • No more spending money on running and maintaining a data center.
  • Easily deploy the application in global scale in just seconds.

Microsoft Azure cloud computing:

what is cloud
what is cloud

According to Microsoft, Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT Professionals use to build and deploy services and application in global scale in seconds.  Azure provides Dev Ops, Integrated tools and marketplace support the user in efficiently building simple mobile apps to internet scale solution.


Benefits of using Azure:

  • Deliver high-quality apps with better service backup.
  • Cross-device experience with support for all major platforms
  • Run any stack, Linux based or windows based.
  • Extend Azure on-premises and build innovative, hybrid apps.
  • On-premises data and apps to overcome complexity and optimize your existing assets.
  • Distribute data seamlessly.

Google Cloud:

Google cloud platform frees the users from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks so that the users can focus on innovation and performance.  Google cloud platform also offers the pay for what you use solution.  Google Cloud Platform offers data analytics and Machine learning for the application that is deployed to Google Cloud Platform.

what is cloud
what is cloud

Benefits of using Google Cloud:

  • Scale on the demand for Google cloud platform.
  • Get faster results for faster decision.
  • Your data is protected using Google Cloud Platform.
  • Use the built-in G Suite support to collaborate faster on Google Cloud Platform.


So what is cloud? Cloud is a colloquial term used to describe the service that utilizes the concept of cloud computing.  We are going to discuss the public cloud, the cloud services that are available to anyone on the internet.  An example for this is DropBox, which is cloud storage and Azure which is intelligent cloud computing solution, AWS is the most revenue making cloud solution thus far and google cloud for a third option.