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Latest version of Xender for PC download for 2018 [VERIFIED]

Xender for pc: Xender for pc is an application developed for smartphones and tablets running android, ios, and other smartphone…

Xender for pc:

Xender for pc is an application developed for smartphones and tablets running android, ios, and other smartphone os. You can use the application in a windows pc using the following tutorial.  You can learn how to download and install xender for pc here.  The following guide helps you install xender application in your windows 7/8/8.1/10 computer.  The following are the versions of xender that are available on the internet: xender for mac, xender for windows pc, xender apk for android, xender for ios and xender for windows phone, xender for blackberry.


The following requirements are standard to run any android application or the OS itself on a windows computer. You should take a careful note of the specifications to make sure the application runs on the system without any problem.  You can also learn to transfer files from ios to ios using xender.

Xender Download for PC:

Xender download for pc is an application that will allow the users to install Xender for android application and install it in Windows PC 10 / 8.1 / 8 and 7.  It is not easy to install Xender download for PC because will lag a lot.  Use the below given instructions to install Xender Download for PC.  Below we have given you an image how Xender download for PC works.  It uses http request to send and receive a file.

This technique works on the principle of creating a virtual machine that runs the Android operating system.  This operating system is used to install xender application in it.  Xender application installed in the virtual machine and then used by the user.  Please follow the given instrutions to install xender in your computer.

share files using xender

xender for windows pc free download:-

The computer is supposed to meet a certain minimum requirement.

  • xender pc is HD capable.  If you are using Intel processor on your computer, you are probably capable of using the application on your computer.  Intel processors come with Intel HD graphics capabilities and therefore there is no need to worry.
  • If you have a dedicated graphics card there is no need to check the configuration because your system is very much capable of running the application.
  • Your system should have at least 4 GB RAM.  4GB ram is a minimum configuration in 2017 and therefore you should easily be able to find it.
  • The storage space in the C drive should be available by at least 5 to 6 GB.

If your pc meets the above-mentioned specification, you are good to go and install xender for pc.  You can also try the xender for mac pc.  It is also available on the internet for free.

Available xender products:

  • xender for mac pc
  • xender for ios
  • xender for windows phone
  • xender apk for Android
  • xender for pc windows
  • xender for gionee smartphones
  • xender for blackberry

Xender for windows pc guide:-

xender for windows pc can be downloaded using various methods. Here there is the best method there is to download and install xender for pc.  There are third party emulators that allow you to use xender on a pc.  For that, you have to download and install the emulators and sign in using your google account in the play store.  After that, search and find xender and install xender in the emulator.  Now that you have xender in your pc you are good to go and use the application.

Xender for PC windows free download:-

Click the link below to download xender for pc directly to your windows desktop.

Download xender for PC using Bluestacks:-

Here we are going to install an emulator called Bluestacks app player first and then we will install xender for pc.  You can get the Bluestacks app player for free from the internet.  The time required for downloading and installing Bluestacks can vary from user to user.

  • Go to Bluestacks Official Site www.bluestacks.com. Now click on Download Bluestacks 3N
xender for pc
xender for pc
  • Once you have the .exe file, run it and follow the instructions given below.
  • click on the Install Now button
xender for pc
xender for pc
xender for pc
xender for pc
  • After installing Bluestacks, launch the software and login into the Android OS using your google account.
  • Now, search for Xender in the search box.Select the right software and click install.
xender for pc
xender for pc
  • After the installation is complete, the software is ready for use.

xender for pc using YouWave:-

  • Download and install YouWave from their official site.  Download xender for pc now.

  • Double click on the .exe file after it has downloaded.  It will run the file and install the software.
  • Once the installation proceeds, choose the free trial option from the interaction screen.
  • Launch the browser app from inside the YouWave software. And search for google play store.
  • In google Playstore search for xender.  After finding the application, click install.

xender for pc using xender web:

This feature is called xender web.  It does not require the user to download and install anything in the system.  It allows the user to connect the mobile device to the PC and share files.  The technique is entirely browser based.  You have to download the xender application in the device in which you want to share the files from.  You can download the xender app from google play store.  This method lets the user use xender for pc without downloading anything in the system.

Please follow the instructions to do the same:

  • Open the xender application in the smartphone.
  • Click on the plus sign on the bottom right, the one that connects to pc.

xender for pc

  • Click on the Wifi hotspot.
  • It will turn on the wifi hotspot on the smartphone.
  • Clicking on wifi hotspot will take you to a page where you will find the IP address to be entered in the browser.

  • Connect to the hotspot created by the smartphone in your PC.
  • Open a browser and enter the IP address given in the app.
  • After the PC detects the app, the app will show a dialog box where you have to click accept.
Xender for PC
Xender for PC
  • Doing this will allow you to share files between PC and your smartphone.

Happy Sharing.


In this article we have shown you how to use xender for pc.  It can be easily seen that xender is the fastest wireless way to transfer files between pc and a smartphone.  You can either run an emulator or use xender web services to share files between pc and smartphone.  We hope you find this article useful.  We will update this article with newer tips and trics that you will not find anywhere in the internet.

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