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Youtube VPN Chrome are best VPNs for unrestricted Youtube 2018 {Working}

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it allows you to connect to a network elsewhere.  VPN has many useful…

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it allows you to connect to a network elsewhere.  VPN has many useful features especially watching youtube videos.  Youtube VPN chrome is a list of VPNs that are available to install in Chrome browser to watch youtube videos without any restrictions.  Please Check out the below link to know more about youtube VPN chrome.

1. Browsec:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

Browsec is a chrome extension that makes the installation of a fully functional VPN, a one-click task.  Browsec is also available on various platforms such as iOS, Android, and many other platforms.  With more than 3 Million users, Browsec offers other important features as given below:

  • High-speed connection up to 100 Mbits/sec
  • Mask the Geo Location using a Virtual Location.
  • Completely Free service
  • Encrypt all the traffic free of cost.


2. Hola VPN:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

Hola is free for non-commercial, high speed, community-powered VPN.  This VPN allows the users to watch youtube videos that are geo-restricted easily.   It provides high-speed connection and so playing youtube videos is easy using Hola VPN.  You might also want to check out the main features such as:

  • Over 160 million people are using the chrome extension for watching youtube videos.
  • Use Video accelerator for reducing the buffering problem that is seen in common VPNs.
  • Hola VPN provides ad blocker by default.
  • Hola is community-powered, that is peer-peer technology.

3. Dot VPN:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

It is a one-click installation VPN that provides the users with VPN tunnel and also provides with encryption.

  • It has more than 700 servers around the world.
  • It has a region switching feature.  This helps the user to specify the VPN of a specific region.
  • Since it has more than 700 servers around the world, the users can connect to the server which has the lowest traffic at the moment.
  • The VPN provides unlimited bandwidth with even the free plan.
  • It uses a very secure 4096-bit encryption.

4. Express VPN:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

Express VPN has been made available in 94 countries and therefore it is easily recommended to anyone on the globe.  It is a high speed, very secure and very user-friendly VPN service.  This VPN has one of the most user-friendly interfaces.  Please read more to know about Express VPN.

  • 2000 and more VPN servers around the globe.
  • This is available on most major platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • It does not have any restrictions on the type of content that is being viewed.
  • It offers offshore privacy protection.
  • It is the best in class customer service.

5. Tunnel Bear:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

Tunnel Bear is well known for its high quality, seamless connectivity VPN service.

  • It has advanced privacy protection.  It can block all the traffic in and out of the device if there is a disruption in the connection to prevent privacy compromise.  The VPN reconnects automatically without having the user to manually start the VPN.
  • The users are able to browse lightning fast even public WiFi as it has the fastest servers in more than 20 countries.
  • This VPN service offers AES 256bit encryption and Ghost bear feature allows the users to protect the data government, business, and even ISPs.
  • It has a sophisticated network in over 20 + countries.

6. Hotspot Sheild:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

This is one of the basic VPN that does what it says.  It is very useful as it is very user-friendly. Please check out the following features:

  • Allows access to the free and secure open internet.
  • Highly secure VPN service.
  • Allows access to restricted content around the Globe.
  • High-Speed VPN service makes it ideal for youtube streaming.

7. Betternet VPN:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

Betternet VPN is available on all major platform. No matter what platform Chrome user you are, you can use Betternet VPN.  It is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android etc.

  • Betterment allows users access blocked websites by bypassing any firewall.
  • It hides the IP address and reallocates a new IP address and therefore provides anonymity.
  • Betterment allows the users access various Music and Movie channels everywhere.
  • It does not save user data and activity because it does not require the user to Log in.

8. Setup VPN:

youtube vpn chrome
youtube VPN chrome

Last but not the least, Setup VPN is one of the best VPN service available on the chrome web store.  They are constantly updating their service to meet the requirements of the customers around the world.  Check out the features given below to know more about Setup VPN.

  • It provides native encryption by encrypting all communication with SSL.
  • All the users will get an account manager specifically assigned to the user.
  • This VPN encrypts the data sent through even public Wi-Fi.
  • It is supported in more than 100 locations around the world.
  • Depending on the location of the users, the VPN automatically adjusts the speed.
  • Install the Extension and start using the VPN. No set up required.


The above given are the few of the best youtube VPN chrome available on the Chrome Web Store.  It can be noted that these can be used for variously supported platforms also.   These VPNs stream youtube using high-speed servers and make sure that the video is played without buffering problem.  With the help of the above-mentioned VPNs, the users are able to stream youtube videos without any restrictions.   For more such content on VPNs, Chrome and extensions please stay tuned to My Pc Updates.

Youtube VPN Chrome
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